Relief Data Entry System

Relief Data Entry System 2.0

RELIEF stands for Reconciliation of Listings for Enforcement
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RELIEF stands for Reconciliation of Listings for Enforcement. The RELIEF System is a tool created by the Philippine's Bureau of Internal Revenue. Under eRELIEF, Corporate Taxpayers send electronically to BIR through the BIR Website its quarterly sales and purchases data. Through these data, BIR is able to determine the corporations’ VAT payments (for its purchases) and VAT receipts (for its sales), and how much VAT these corporations should pay to the BIR.
Through RELIEF, BIR is able to estimate with a high level of confidence the amount of sales and VAT liabilities of corporations. Through the system, leakage and improperly claimed VAT refunds and tax credits will be identified thereby resulting to increased VAT collections.

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